Category: Fireplaces

Manufacturer: Archgard

Color: Grey, Red

BTU: 40000

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Real Fire With Archgard gas fireplaces, our flame can be seen throughout the entire firebox. The combination of our innovative burner design and unique log sets allow us to give you the look and feel of a traditional wood fire, complete with glowing embers. Paired with any of our stylish decorative accessories, the DVT40N is adaptable to your homes decor. Zone Heating Why heat your entire house if you are only using one room? This is the principle behind Archgard’s zone heating. We give you the ability to turn your DVT40N on and your furnace off and still enjoy the warmth where and when you need it the most. This way you can save your energy costs without compromising comfort. Large Viewing area As the largest fireplace in Archgard’s line, the DVT40N would make an eye catching and inviting centerpiece to any room in your home.

Brochure and instruction manual