Linear SP

Category: Fireplaces

Manufacturer: Renaissances

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Unlike our Linear 50 fireplace, which has a glass guillotine door, the glass in the Linear SP is divided into three finely crafted glass panels, housed in a ¼” steel header, which projects 3″. A fixed panel is arranged on each side of a central door that opens discreetly with a concealed hinge. Normally, a fireplace with such a large view of the fire requires a 10″ chimney, but this fireplace has a well-kept secret: it can be installed with a 36% smaller chimney.Just as too much water overflows from a black funnel, smoke will back up from a chimney that is too small. The ingenious design of the door provides a solution to the typical problem of large opening fireplaces that require a larger diameter chimney to function properly. The Linear SP fireplace offers the view of the fire of a wide-opening fireplace, yet has a door the size of a wood stove.

Brochure and instruction manual