On top of providing high quality stoves, we also help you to install them. We have the experience and the expertise necessary, which will allow us to do our task perfectly in order for it to meet your needs and the ones of your house.

Moreover, we make sure to provide you with crucial after-installation tips that will allow you to maximize the use of your stove and really enjoy it! Whether it be an electric, a wood or a gas stove, we will know exactly what techniques to use for each.

Trust a team of professionals and contacts us today for all of your installations.

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It can be difficult to identify any problem with your stove when you’re not paying attention to the signs. Certain issues are not easy to decipher unless they are identified by an expert.

For the sake of caution, we advise you to inspect your chimney at least once a year, with the help of a team of professionals, in order to avoid any bad surprise that could be caused by the accumulation of dust in your air duct, and could possibly lead up to a fire or other disasters.

Our Foyers Cadieux team will proceed to a thorough inspection of your fireplace because it is a task that has to be done with a lot of precautions and precision, which is why it shouldn’t just be part of your latest DIY projects!

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Your fireplace is a crucial component of your home that should be taken care of properly! Foyers Cadieux specializes in the maintenance of your stove because we are aware of the importance of this task. Depending on the type of stove that you have installed at your house, we will know exactly what advice and tips you will need in order to enjoy your stove properly.

For instance, if you have a wood stove that is not well taken care of, not only can it affect the state of your house, it can eventually cause disasters such as fires. To protect your health and keep your loved ones safe, we advise you to contact a professional and certified team like ours.

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Chimney sweeping is a must in order for you to benefit fully from your stove or fireplace. Indeed, your chimney is an air duct and it is through her that many elements are filtered, which means that if it is not taken care of properly, it could be a source of other disasters such as fires, or it could also affect the health of you or loved ones.

For that reason, it is very important to make sure not to wait for dangerous signs before taking safety steps, one of them being chimney sweeping at least once a year!

However, it is not an easy task which is why it is not recommended to do it without any proper guidance or supervision. In order for it to be done in safe conditions, we encourage you to contact professionals like Foyers Cadieux, who will know exactly how to help you.

We have reached our capacity for the year 2020 and we are making more appointments. Please try again later.

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Our services are not only limited to individuals but we also work with contractors in order for them to benefit from our services. Not only do we provide some high quality equipment at affordable prices, our expertise can also guide you during the work you will have to do.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need help, whether it be for you installations or other, we would be more than happy to come in handy!

We also have quality equipments to which you will have easy access, which is always an advantage, no matter what industry you operate in.

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If you find yourself with a dysfunctional or broken stove for whatever reason, we have the solution! You might have noticed that your stove is no longer as efficient as it used to be or that it produces a lot of smoke, for example.

Our team of experts will know how to identify the exact problem and fix or restore it. We employ specific and delicate techniques that will allow you to keep your stove and continue using it as if it was brand new, whatever state it might have been in. Contact us for more information.

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Life is made of a series of unexpected or unplanned events and it can be difficult to know where to start after having faced a disaster. That’s the reason why Foyers Cadieux offers disaster recovery services.

We make sure we take all of the precautions that are necessary in order to keep you from exposing yourself to any hidden danger or risk.

With our team of professionals, we will make sure we inspect, we repair and restore whatever needs to be. Call us for all of your emergencies and we will come to you to help.

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